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Wendy Westerfield: Your Top Choice for Professional Organizing throughout the Indianapolis area

Wendy Westerfield has worked as a professional organizer since 2003.

Wendy helps families and businesses maximize efficiency and minimize stress by addressing the “stuff” that invades each setting. Her hands-on, compassionate approach means that her clients are freed to focus on what’s most valuable. In a world that is oftentimes selfish and uncaring, she leads others to celebrate their skills, bringing hope to overwhelming situations. To her, organizing is way more than just “stuff” – she addresses the people behind the stuff!

She is a California transplant, and daily life experiences expand her learning beyond every degree she’s earned. 

Wendy impacts people’s lives each day, whether listening to conversation, interacting with other professionals or organizing “stuff.” Wendy’s clients know that her specialty is calming chaos.

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Decluttering? Moving? Purging? Rearranging? De-Hoarding? You're speaking my language. My name is Wendy. I'm a professional organizer based in Indianapolis, Indiana, and I'm here to help you fulfill your organizing needs. Whether you're looking to tidy up your home, garage, office, or workspace, I will work hard to make everything look & feel more organized. Let me take the stress off of you so you can focus on your goals.

Organizing is something I can't NOT do. My mind naturally gravitates to research orderliness, look for new ideas, listen for clues, search for solutions, and even obsess about organizing your world. Remember being a kid and acting without inhibition? Effortlessly creating and exploring? Organizing is an intuitive action that I find FUN. With Wendy working on your projects, all your "stuff" will be taken care of quickly, painlessly, and affordably!

Organizing is something that many people struggle with to some degree. If organizing is not your thing or getting things in order is standing in the way of your success, I'm a great addition to your team. Every project is customized to your needs. Why? Because true organization helps not just with "stuff" but helps the PEOPLE behind the stuff. 

Why hire Wendy?

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Extensive Experience

My BS/MA are education/curricular related, which provide a foundation for me to better grasp your goals and the challenges involved in meeting them. Years of counseling training (*not* licensed) and experiences mean that my approach includes great depths of compassion, consideration and even negotiating skills.
I served on the OC Task Force on Hoarding -- the first of its kind nationwide -- before hoarding was a mainstream concept, and I love working with, not just the stuff, but getting to know people behind the stuff. My every client is valuable and talented and offers unique giftings to the world. My task is to free up the tangible hurdles that interrupt their giftedness.

I Offer a Customized Approach

Every residence provides unique organizational challenges, and I enjoy exploring what most bothers you, pinpointing solutions, then creating the space to implement them! 

True organization helps not just with "stuff" but helps the PEOPLE behind the stuff. What are your needs? What are your goals? How is stuff inhibiting your lifestyle or getting in the way of your accomplishments? I'm here to help you remove limitations and enjoy living in your space just as you want.

I Meet Your Deadlines

I am a skilled, well-trained professional who can work efficiently within your deadlines.
If you are ready to organize, contact me today!
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